activerecord-sqlserver-adapter v1.0.0 missing from

The activerecord-sqlserver-adapter gem version 1.0.0 no longer appears
to be on the server. I did a gem list and no
version 1.0.0 adapter gems are present.

The gem version is listed but it has a dependency rails
gems version

Any chance we can have the old gems back?


Yes, we notice you deleted Rails 1.99.0, too. Were these deleted on
purpose or accidentally? If on purpose, why? Projects that don't
want to freeze Rails may still reference them (we are waiting on a
release with a fixed Test::Unit), or might be dormant with an
(unfrozen) reference to a beta gem version. Space can't be an issue,
so I can't see why publicly published artifacts (that could have even
been referenced in Rails blog posts) should go away. You could even
stick them on rubyforge if you don't want to maintain them, if a
higher version is already out it should not matter. Yes, we can (and
do) run our own gem server, but not everyone does.

-- Chad

Well I managed to find the google group for the sqlserver adapter so I
will post there too.