ActiveRecord: #add_select API to add field(s) to #select without removing existing select?

Consider how #order works - it adds additional order to scope instead of replacing it. To replace, we use #reorder.

We can’t change this behavior on #select (making #select be additive and adding #reselect to be replacing) because it’d break existing APIs. But we could at least add a method like #add_select or #append select.

In our code, we have a lot of places that go like this:


It’s even worse for complex joins, where I need to manually remember
every table that would be part of the join (or risk getting attribute missing errors).

What I want is to just add a field to existing select and not break all the normal selects already there:


Naming wise, I’m leaning towards #add_select as opposed to #append_select, because “append” implies order-specific (as opposed to “prepend”) while this should be order-insensitive.

Anyone has an opinion?