Question: Select list and default options

I know I've seen the answer for this somewhere and now when needed I can't find it. If I have a select list from a table but i want an option like "please select" as the default option to come up how would I add that in ?

bump ....anyone know the answer ?

Please remember in the future that this list is for questions specific to Rails, not HTML.

It is Rails related. Currently I have collection_select(:table, method, :id :name) Within this I wanted to know if there was a specific way to add an option in addition to what I'm pulling out of the database.


I am not sure if this answers your question but at:

For "options_for_select" and "collection_select" I found options ":include_blank" and ":selected".

Dark Ambient wrote:

Perhaps you are referring to AWDWR page 105?

  <%=   options = [["Select a payment option:", ""]] + Order::PAYMENT_TYPES   select("order", "pay_type", options)   %>

- Mark.