ActiveRecord::AdapterNotFound - oci8 problems

I have resolved all the problems with OCI8Errors (you should see for
more information). Now there is connecting to my DBMS without
errors :)))

OS: Win_XP_home
DBMS: Oracle XE 10g

Well. When I connect to DBMS by command line, it’s ok. When I am
starting a webserver in rails application (in NetBeans), it isn’t ok.
I see an error:

The solution is:

[QUOTE="happs74"]I use rails & oracle on xp. To get it all working I

Gem install ruby-oci8
Gem install activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter
add config.gem "activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter", :lib =>
"active_record/connection_adapters/oracle_enhanced_adapter" to
set your adapter in database.yml to be oracle_enhanced and see how you
get on.[/QUOTE]
I have installed [I]ruby-oci8[/I] и [I]activerecord-oracle_enhanced-
adapter[/I] and reconfig [I]database.yml[/I].