Ruby on Rails and Oracle

Hi Eder,

I just wrote a not-so-small Rails app with Oracle and had quite some trouble setting it up, but since then it works flawlessly.

database.yml looks: development:   adapter: oci   database:   username: system   password: y1984nip0359   host:

This is mine:

development:    adapter: oracle    database: //localhost:1521/XE    username: seek-rat    password: seek-rat

You could maybe try to change the adapter to oracle. What's your version of Rails? And the version of your Oracle driver (I had to fiddle around with that quite a bit, though it was under linux)

ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Are you sure you can connect with the same credentials from Oracle sql-developer (or any other tool creating a connection to the DB)? If yes, probably your ruby-oracle driver has some problems...

Cheers, Peter