activeldap and migrations

Stupid activeldap is messing with my mind :wink:

rails (3.1.1
activeldap (3.1.0)
rubygems-update (1.4.2)

I have activerecord (database.yml/postgresql) and activeldap (ldap.yml) as configured sources for my models.

I want to add some more things to my models but activeldap is killing my attempts to create migrations...

cwhite@nxpc:~/tti_framework$ rails generate migration AddSettings
       error active_ldap [not found]

Last time, I manually created the migration file which I can keep on doing but it seems that I should be able to actually generate migrations (I could generate models but they defaulted to ActiveLdap::Base rather than ActiveRecord::Base too and thus didn't automagically create migrations)

perhaps my problem stems from here...
cwhite@nxpc:~/tti_framework$ head -n 5 config/application.rb
require File.expand_path('../boot', __FILE__)

require 'rails/all'
require "active_ldap/railtie"
require 'will_paginate/data_mapper'

But I don't know. Anyone know how I can clean this nuisance up?

forgot what the exact solution was but I seem to recall that I indicated that this was a postgres migration so perhaps I added '-d postgresql'



i am on Rails-3.2.11 and in my application.rb i added following and everything seems fine.

config.app_generators.orm :active_record