activeldap setup help?

So I would like to use ActiveLDAP. I have been following along with .

I installed ruby-activeldap (0.8.0) from RubyGems, which also installed log4r -- that all appeared to work. I then installed rubyldap from its latest tar.gz. Also appeared to work fine.

But I'm stuck here. When I add require 'activeldap' (or require 'active_ldap' -- I tried both) to my environment.rb the server will not start and produces no output other than "=> Booting WEBrick". It does not add anything to the log.

Can someone help me get started here with some pointers on getting ActiveLDAP hooked in? Also, is there a way to get the rails server to produce more verbose output so that I might see what is actually causing the failure?

Thanks, Alex RoR n00b