Active Scaffold --- Help Urgent

Have you read the error? The error itself is telling you what's wrong and how to fix it. Install the Postgres adapter.

OK, it's been a few months since I left my postgres project, so it might have change now since the recently wave of moving to gemcutter hosted gems, but you should search for your postgres adapter, the one I was using was called just 'postgres'. So you should install: gem install postgres And your config/database.yml should say: adapter: postgresql

That's the way it was working for me and I think it should still work.

Leonardo Mateo wrote: Ok Leanardo i will try this and get back to you .....

I usually use ruby-pq to connect to Postgres so in case 'postgres' doesn't work you might try gem install ruby-pq

actually what you want is "pg"

gem list pg => pg (0.8.0)

Thanks for you all.....

The Issue solved by Installing the gem

gem install postgres -pr

also if you are using rails version > 2.0

you need to add the following method in rails application

goto \config\initializers

in new_rails_defaults.rb

add the method

def PGconn.quote_ident(name)     %("#{name}") end

Now the Active Scaffold works fine ......

Thanks friends.......

Actually I am trying to remove the database Connection and Read the data from the file and write a data to the same file thro active scaffold ....

Kindly provide you valuable Ideas.....

- Antony Nambikkai

If I used the postgres gem means It shows "Postgres - Adapter gem not found....."

The postgres gem (postgres ( is not actively supported. It will not install under Ruby 1.9 as extconf.rb makes reference to a constant PLATFORM that is no longer built in to the Ruby environment. The version info ( gives a clue that this gem is no longer current.

I recommend that you go with the pg (pg (0.8.0)) as it will install and work with both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9. It is the path forward.