[ActionCable Javascript Package] Converting library to JavaScript from CoffeeScript

Hello all,

I made a post on the issue tracker (https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/33331) and was directed here. My question is about the Rails actioncable library that is currently written in CoffeeScript, my question is as follows:

Is there a reason why this library is sticking to CoffeeScript?

I would be willing to re-implement the library in JavaScript if there are no major roadblocks. CoffeeScript was a great tool in its time, but today having the library be written in JavaScript would make things a lot easier for new contributors. I wanted to add two separate PRs to the library, adding dynamic authorization support, and supporting react native/vue native. However, having the library written in CoffeeScript poses more roadblocks for me because I now need to brush back up on a language that hasn’t been in use really for a couple years.

I wanted to ask here first and make sure I am not going to be wasting effort, if there was some legacy reason or support issue that forces the library to continue to be in CoffeeScript.



Hi Never used CoffeeScript as I prefer toi use javaScript even in Rails

I never used coffee script either, I use plain js

My understanding is that Rails was moving away from CoffeeScript and towards modern JavaScript. This seems like it would be a welcome addition.

+1 Javascript over Coffeescript