is CoffeeScript going in to Rails Core in the future?

I'm a bit sceptic about setting on a technology for a long term
project that is not supported by Rails by default.


Lots of technologies are not directly supported by the core team, and
yet are widely used by the community, for short and long-term
projects. To cite a few: Redis, Haml, MongoDB…

The biggest changes in Rails 3 (IMHO) are about ease of extension and
increased compatibility with 3rd party tools. Implementing the
ActiveModel interface let's you use model-layer libraries that are
guaranteed to interact properly with the rest of the framework
(Mongoid does this). ActionView provides a set of tools to register
template renderers that can then cleanly and transparently be used in
your application (as Haml does).

Even if CoffeScript is not supported by the core team themselves,
they've made the framework accessible for third-party authors to build
robust libraries that integrate well. I use CoffeScript with Rails[*]
(and have seen plenty of other apps/developers do) without any problem

If I were you, I wouldn't be concerned about what exact tools ship
with the Rails gem. Since a lot of code in the framework is there just
to make sure third-party tools play well with the framework and with
each other.


[*] using the Barista library