Actioncable-examples is outdated and needs refresh

There’s a repository for ActionCable demo. GitHub - rails/actioncable-examples: Action Cable Examples
It’s linked from the guide

However, in some points, it’s getting outdated and needs refresh.

  1. It uses CoffeeScript, which is not a default language anymore for Rails 6.
  2. It uses cable.js file, which is not generated with Channel generator by Rails 6 any more.
  3. It uses jquery-rails, which is also not included by default in Rails 6.
  4. And most importantly, Rails version is 5,1.

Also I found the problem that although it’s mentioned as “complete” example, it doesn’t cover the whole usage the guide mentions.

I’d suggest adding new demo application for Rails 6 alongside the existing one. That’s mainly because things generated by a channel generator are quite different from older versions.

Any ideas?