accepts_nested_attributes_for how, example

I have following tables with following models: users(id, role_id) has_many :entries categories(id, category_name) has_many :entries entries(id, category_id, user_id) belongs_to :user, belongs_to :category, has_one :storage storages(id, title, content, entry_id) belongs_to :entry, has_one :vote votes(id, count, storage_id) belongs_to :storage Now, when user create new entry(through form) few things must happen: - New row in entry table will be created(with already existing user_id and category_id) - New row in storages table will be created(title and content of the post with above entry_id) - New row in votes table(with above storage_id, count is default 0)

Form for creating new entry have, combo box for selecting category(like: “Pictures”, “Movies”, etc), text box for title and text-area for content.

I followed many tutorials and documentation like: #196 Nested Model Form Part 1 - RailsCasts and ActiveRecord::NestedAttributes::ClassMethods but can’t get it how to work.

First, I presume you have worked right through a good tutorial such as If not then go and do that first, then you may be able to answer the questions yourself.

If you have already done that then there is no point describing the whole problem area with a long list of things you need to happen and then just say you can't get it to work. Start with just one of the things you want to do and get that working, then add the next requirement. If you get stuck then come back with a description of just the bit you can't get working, show us your code (for the bit that does not work) and someone will surely help.


Thanks Colin on reply. I tried with following code, which work good so just wanted to ask is this correct solution, for some reason i think this code “smell”. // routes.rb resources :entries, :only =>[:new, :create] // user.rb class User < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :entries end // category.rb class Category < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :entries end // entry.rb class Entry < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :user belongs_to :category has_one :storage accepts_nested_attributes_for :storage end // storage.rb class Storage < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :entry
has_one :vote end // vote.rb class Vote < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :storage end // entries_controller.rb class EntriesController < ApplicationController def new @entry = => #Pass this to new.html.erb to use it like hidden field @entry.build_storage end def create new_entry =[:entry].permit(:user_id, :category_id, :storage_attributes => [:title, :content])) # Create new row in votes table redirect_to root_url end end // views/entries/new.html.erb <%= form_for @entry do | f | %> <%= :category_id, options_for_select([[“slike”, “1”], [“statusi”, “2”]]) %> <%= f.hidden_field :user_id, :value => @entry.user_id %> #Now pass this to create action

<%= f.fields_for :storage do |storage| %>
        <%= storage.label :title %><br>
        <%= storage.text_field :title %>
        <%= storage.label :content %><br>
        <%= storage.text_area :content %>
<% end %>

<%= f.submit "Submit" %>

<% end %>