abstract_class causes find to add "and foo."type" = 'Foo'"

Joachim Glauche wrote:

rails 1.2.5

I've an abstract class as subclass of ActiveRecord::Base . Like this:

class SomeAbstractModel < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.abstract_class = true

I've a table Foo with a column "type", since I've subclasses of Foo.

If this class is defined like this
class Foo < ActiveRecord::Base

a simple select produces this query:
# Foo.find(1)
SELECT * FROM foo WHERE (foo."id" = 1)

If I change the superclass of Foo to my Abstract Model:
class Foo < SomeAbstractModel

the simple select produces now a different query
# Foo.find(1)
SELECT * FROM foo WHERE (foo."id" = 1) AND ( (foo."type" = 'Foo' ) )

This leads to my problem, since I've some rows where the type is NULL.
Why does ActiveRecord behave like that? Well,
Foo.superclass.abstract_class? returns true. Any thoughts?

I have a patch to remove abstract classes from STI find conditions:


However this is just for the efficiency boost. Your type field
should never be NULL if you're only creating non-abstract classes
in the STI hierarchy, unless it's a legacy issue.