This the right place for ActiveRecord discussions?

Having had no response from my ActiveRecord query, is this the right place to discuss it? Is somewhere else more active?

I am having a problem - lots of the code uses (non-ANSI standard) “field = NULL” instead of “field IS NULL”. I am of the opinion that the abstract adapter should add in a test for this to see which syntax is supported.

Thanks Richard PS Personally I would like to rebuild the entire thing using parameter passing instead of long SQL strings, but you can’t have everything.

Send a patch :slight_smile:

You're not looking for something like this: Person.find(:all, :conditions => { :last_name => "Catlin", :status => 1 })

Works in trunk and 1.2.

It might still have the issue you mention in the beginning, though, so — as Court said— submit a patch with tests :wink:


Person.find :all, :conditions => {:last_name => nil} Person.find_all_by_last_name(nil)

As Jarkko implied, either of these should build queries using IS NULL. If you're not getting this behaviour, open a ticket on