A question about respond_with and config.threadsafe!

Hey, guys. First off, I'd like to say thanks for all the hard work.
Rails 3 is a heck of a piece of software.

I've got a quick question for the devs here. My company's trying to
build a new product using Rails 3 and we're encountering a few
problems. Specifically, respond_with is failing silently in some
important scenarios and config.threadsafe! seems to be broken. We've
opened up lighthouse tickets with more detail.

My question is this: Are responds_with and config.threadsafe! on your
development radar right now, or are other things taking priority?

Just to be clear, I am NOT asking anybody to drop what they're doing
to work on our problems. I just want to know if our priorities
intersect with the work that's happening to get Rails 3 out the door.

Here's the lighthouse tickets, for reference:

"config.threadsafe! appears to be broken"

"respond_with fails silently"

Thanks in advance!

Dave Varvel
Technical Lead, Mad Wombat Software

Hi Dave,

Hey, no problem. Thanks for building a great framework.