Suggested solution for ticket #2350

Hi All,
   I updated
a while back with a suggestion for how to create a patch for the
problem, and wanted to get someone to +1 the suggested change before I
write the patch. Didn't know I should post to this mailing list, but I
was talking to Mikel tonight at the ROROSYD meetup and he suggested
that if I wanted to be more involved and do some patching that I
should be on/post to the core mailing list.



Thats a grave mistake you did. If you haven't noticed most of
rails-core communication has moved to twitter, personal emails or
closely guarded campfire chat room. Beyond commit bots, rails-contrib
IRC channel shares the same fate.

At least, thats the impression I got when trying to contribute some patches.

I strongly disagreed with hemant. i recently just got a patch in without using any twitter DM, personal email or the guarded campfire chat room.

If you are serious about your patch, try to ask rubyist around you to check out your patch and comment about it on the Lighthouse ticket. Remember, Rails is shaped by the community. If you want the core team to pay attention to your patch, ask people around this community to comment or check out your patch. If enough people do, the core team will start paying attention to your patch because they know that your patch is something people want.

You have to remember that most of the people in Rails Core team have proper jobs, they are not free and cheap programmers who always hang around on mailing list/IRC just to reply to patch requests.


Core team members have lives too.

If you'd like a patch reviewed then send me an email at and I will review it if the core team will not.

me as well: