500,000 to 1million records a day. Can Rails scale to that?

We are planning to use rails+mysql to develop a website that sells Lotto
Tickets. We expect 500,000 to 1 million(/8 hours) tickets sold a day.
Each records should be 100 bytes long only.

And we also need to use SSL+Transaction Support.

The big question is Can Rails support that amount of traffic? Or I
better consider PHP?

I realize I'm about to open a can of worms, but I'd be more concerned about mysql than I would about rails. InnoDB and all that sort of stuff being set up properly to handle the number of inserts, etc... you'd have the same issue with PHP...

Yeah, worry about the database. If your ruby (or php or java etc.)
code is the bottleneck, just get more frontends and reconfigure the
load balancer, if the db is what's limiting you then things are


I'd agree with you. And it will come as no surprise to those who've
seen other posts of mine that I'd *strongly* recommend PostgreSQL rather
than mySQL.

Or you can use MySQL instead of that mySQL, should work just fine.