500,000 to 1million records a day. Can Rails scale to that?

Chamroeun Sok wrote:

We are planning to use rails+mysql to develop a website that sells Lotto
Tickets. We expect 500,000 to 1 million(/8 hours) tickets sold a day.
Each records should be 100 bytes long only.

And we also need to use SSL+Transaction Support.

The big question is Can Rails support that amount of traffic? Or I
better consider PHP?

The short answer: sure, you should be able to.

You should work out to how much requests/seconds this equates and find
out how much time those actions spend in the Rails framework. Simulate
load using e.g. JMeter on a development server with varying levels of
concurrency and look at the graph. You'll be able to calculate the
number of servers you require.

You will likely want to handle SSL on your load balancers, not in