500,000 to 1million records a day. Can Rails scale to that?

I recommend checking out Enterprise Rails by one of my former
coworkers, Dan Chak:

He describes a lot of the work we did at CourseAdvisor to scale our
site to handle millions of users. I think Rails has evolved to a point
where some of the approaches he describes are not the best, but I
think it still contains some very helpful advice and strategies. (I'm
not involved with the book in any way so this is not self-promotion).


I got 1 good advice from a Rails Guru. I think i'll just get it up and
think about scaling later on. MOstly, Database is the biggest
bottleneck. Yes, i read Enterprise Rails. And some good advice from Some
Big sites that use Rails. i'll just keep Rails and move on...
God Bless me

Best Regards

Courtney Wade wrote: