xmpp server / client recommendations for 1-1 chat in rails app?

Im trying to build a simple instant messenger inside my ruby on rails app. In basics its just 1-1 chat with some authentication so only authorised users can communicatie between each other. XMPP protocol seems to a be a nice solution to handle a chat feature and possible instant messenger (1-1) but haven’t found any real examples of implementations for a rails app.

There are several xmpp ruby library’s available on github but its not a easy choose between them, are there any proven concepts for a xmpp server and a rails app that anyone would recommend? Also on how to authorize users and be able to integrate some autentication from the rails app is little or no info I could found.

Can anyone recommend me on any of the above? Thanks in advanche!


Try Ryan Bates’s private_pub … is not quite XMPP … but it allows push engine and websockets …


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