XML/RSS doesn't generate

Hi guys,

Any ideas why my XML doesn't generate for an RSS feed? I have the
following in rss.html.erb

[code=ruby]xml.instruct! :xml, :version => "1.0"
xml.rss :version => "2.0" do
  xml.channel do
    xml.title ""
    xml.link ""
    xml.description ""
    xml.language "en-gb"

    for word in Word.latest_words
      xml.item do
      xml.title word.word
      xml.pubDate word.date_of_purchase
      xml.link word.url
But when I run this page http://localhost:3000/words/rss, rather than
generating xml, the page just displays the code as above.

Any suggestions?

rss.rss.builder would be more appropriate and you’re answering a format.rss, not format.html.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt