xml parsing

Pabloz wrote:

I am having my news posts in xml file. I am parsing my xml by REXML and
it works fine. I am using a method .text to parse the information
between <post></post>. The problem is when i try to add paragraphs
(<p></p>) to make my posts more readable. It works only when i dont use
.text method, but then in my xhtml i can also see <post></post>. How can
i get rid of that and leave the <p>?

When you embed HTML payload inside an XML data store, the HTML should be escaped, so the XML parser doesn't just treat it as more XML.

If you view the file with a text editor, you should see <post> blah blah &lt;p&gt; blah &lt;/p&gt; </post>.

Then .text will reconstitute the <p> marks.