use of xml

Pabloz wrote:

Is it a good idea to keep for example blog posts in xml file rather than mysql? Right now i am trying this kind of project and its going really really slow, i dont have a model, i learn REXML, but still cant add nothing to my xml from a form for example. this a good way? or You would suggest database?

Which kind of store do you understand best?

And wouldn't you prefer to have full ActiveRecord support?

SQLite3 fully supports arbitrary-length strings in all VARCHARs (whether you want them or not).

Now why can't your form add anything to XML? Could you use Builder::XmlMarkup to write the XML and REXML to read it?

Can you create new elements and add them to REXML? is that where you are stuck?

Without more info your question is arbitrary. I would use YAML, but we will keep that our little secret...