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Is it a good idea to keep for example blog posts in xml file rather than
mysql? Right now i am trying this kind of project and its going really
really slow, i dont have a model, i learn REXML, but still cant add
nothing to my xml from a form for example. this a good way?
or You would suggest database?

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Without knowing the business problem, the question is meaningless.

XML is good for cross-platform data transfer and serialization of
hierarchical data.

DOM can be considered an indexed tree structure, independent of its XML
roots, for some purposes. I have used JDOM as the core of a
high-performance ETL tool. In this case, the DOM is never rendered as
XML except for debugging. I build DOM from COBOL copybooks, VSAM
records, RDBMS rows, Excel spreadsheets, and (of course) XML documents.
I max out the I/Ochannels on mainframe database server with this

RDBMS is good for data that can be organized as a set of related
tables. It has proven itself to be a flexible model for meeting most
problems efficiently.

Personally, I am not fond of MySQL. The business problems that I work
on tend to be transactional, and MySql does not honor the ACID
definition of a transaction. However, it does work well as a backing
store for for mostly static data (Wikipedia) and data that is not
audit sensitive (37signals). On the other hand, with their purchase of
Netfrastructure, I believe that MySql is positioned to become a
technology leader in the next generation of transactional RDBMS' in the
next two years.

I do like Firebird RDBMS, and the ruby support for Firebird is quite
decent. You should probably also download and test the personal
versions of DB2, MS-SQL, and Oracle if you plan to distribute your

Perhaps you could give us a better idea of the scope of the problem?