Writing to innodb reading from myisam

Hi -

We're pondering whether this is possible or whether anyone else has
done this. We would like to write records to an innodb database
(master) but have the front-end of out app interface a myisam (slave)
database. So have our app use two databases.

Reason is - we want to allow users to safely manage their records
(transactions, row locking etc... via innodb) but want their records
accessible 'speedily' via myisam.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Well, i haven't tried it myself, but as far as the "High Performance
MySQL" book can say, this is possible and there is nothing preventing
you from doing it, you just have to be sure about the risks you will
be taking, as even with replication, the slave database using MyISAM
could get corrupted. Obviously this isn't something common to happen,
but it's a possibility.