writing the user_id of user when creating an item

Pleigh Ful wrote:

hi there, i have this problem, i am a newb in ror and don't know how to do this. i have a user_id column in a database table named items, i also use the login generator, i can signup, login, and logout, no problem with it, but when i am logon to the system, and tried to make a new item, the user_id field is null, my user_id is not written in the user_id table, and i have really no idea how to do it. i have associations, has_many :items in user.rb model, and belongs_to :user in item.rb.

i know you can help me with this, like i've said, i am just learning ror and new to this forum as well. please post your replies on what info you need to help me.

thanks in advance.

Try the UserStamp plugin: http://delynnberry.com/projects/userstamp/