Working with after_create and Mailer Class

I am trying to setup sending confirmation emails after creating a new
instance of Project. In my Project Model, I have an after_create
callback that calls the method send_confirmation. This is working
fine -- the method is called, but I haven't figured out how to pass
along the current instance object to the Mailer class I've created.

I had assumed that instance variables were accessible from within the
Project Model, even if created inside of the Project Controller. The
code below results in error " undefined". So how do I get the
mailer to know of the current instance object in order to send an
email using its attributes.

Probably doing something stupid. Thanks in advance.

Project Model:

after_create :send_confirmation

def send_confirmation

Mailer Class:

def confirm(project)

Nevermind, I figured it out. Definitely a "duh" moment. From within
the class, using self points to the current instance.