Actionmailer weirdness


In my controller:


In my action mailer class:

class Emailer < ActionMailer::Base

def self.deliver_site_update(user, site_update)
    @recipients = "#{}"
    @content_type = "text/html"
    @sent_on =
    @from = 'Test <>'
    @subject = "Test site update news"
    body :user => user


A couple of things:

if i dont put self before the method deliver_site_update i get a method
missing error for deliver_site_update for class Emailer, i know why this
is as im calling it straight from the class name and not an instance
variable but strangely ive never done this in any of my other apps
before and its worked ok.

I keep getting undefined method `body' for Emailer:Class -

Ive also tried @body[:user => user] and i get a nil.[] error

ive also tried other combinations ive seen on the net and from my
previous working applications. I cant spot what the problem is and its
driving me nuts. Can anyone help?

Trace below

undefined method `body' for Emailer:Class - (NoMethodError)