Working on a CMS, problem with Frontend

in the controller:
@artists = Artist.find(:all)

in the view:

for artist in @artsists
  for album in artist.albums
  for show in artist.shows

Yes sure, you can pass in conditions to associated models.
Try changing the line above to......

for album in artist.albums.find(:all, :order=>"release_date ASC") or
for album in artist.albums.find(:all, :order=>"release_date DESC")

depending on which order they need to be in,

Not sure what you mean by that, have you got an example of what you
want to produce?

Ok yes. So what you need to do is loop through the albums...
@albums = Album.find(:all, :order=>"release_date ASC")

<%for album in @albums%>
  <%=album.release_date%><br />
  <> - <>

As you can see because an album belongs to an artist you can access
this object with album.artist and then access any attribute within
artist - i've guessed at name (