Wix Style Web Page Builder Gem

I'm having trouble completing a large project, because I'm missing a
feature that is necessary to finish building it. Does anyone know of a
website builder gem that has drag-drop, view projectors like Wix does
for example? If you don't know of a gem like this one. Is there a method
or approach that I can use to build such a feature with Ruby on Rails?

I for one have no idea what "view projectors" means, or what "Wix"
is or does.

Perhaps you could describe your actual goal a little more precisely?

Hassan Schroeder wrote in post #1156440:

Still not too clear on the "drag and drop items" but are you talking
about a CMS? Have you looked at:


Or perhaps something else on ruby-toolbox will be helpful. Though
honestly, what you're describing (caveat: as far as I understand it!)
doesn't sound particularly complex.

Hassan Schroeder wrote in post #1156455:

The CMS gems available are mainly for blog creations.

?? I would hardly say that, but ...

I'll continue to search around. Maybe, I'll find something on github.

if you do find a gem specific to this use case, would love to know.

Good luck,