Will Pagination links getting not behaving as i wanted.

Hello All,

I have will pagination links in index view which works fine.
but when i performing some other action and replacing list view
that time pagination links i am supposed to be for index action.
but they are not…links goes to last performed action.

You have any idea how to fix this problem ?

i am updating list after creation of resource record that time pagination links goes to create action.
I have –
resource comment which is polymorphic in nature.
resource post, forum, etc. they have many association with comments,
comments_controller where creation and list population is written.

Sandip R~

nobody faced this problem ???

The links always point to the current action and append a page
parameter. Are you using will_paginate on a non-index view?

Hi mikezter,

Thanks for your reply.

Can i override this default url ? How ?

Sandip R~