hi at all
I installed the plugin will_paginate successfully and now I'll use it.
But I've a problem. I wrote a method search and this method return an
array of products. The search method is special and not an easy find
query. So I can use the :conditions of the will_paginate plugin. But I
will paginate the array of products.

So how I can use the will_paginate plugin to group the products
(:per_page => 5 products).

thanks for helping...

But I've the problem, that I use acts_as_ferret for fulltext search. So
I can't use the :conditions statement in the paginate method. Because I
have for example a query like 'search ruby'. So i want to find records
for 'search ruby', 'search' and 'ruby'. So I call the find_by_content
method from ferret three times. So I think, the paginate method is
impractical, because I have the total_hits as recently as after the
three method calls.

Jesus bernardo Ruiz flores
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