will_paginate problem and custom image button links

Hello people,

I'm implementing the will_paginate plugin with ajax links on my site ( http://weblog.redlinesoftware.com/2008/1/30/willpaginate-and-remote-links ). Everything works ver well except my page number links that are not being updated. For example, when clicking on page '3', the latter remains clickable. Also I would like to customize the page number links to image buttons, but I'm not finding the way to do that. Has anyone came accross the same problem or has an idea on how I can achieve this.



You can find the customization of will_paginate links here

will_paginate checks to see what the current page is to disable the link to it, so if you're not reloading the div with the will_paginate code in it, the links won't be updated. You'll need to tell your action to update the will_paginate portion of your view as well as the div that contains your paginated records.