will_paginate don't work on jruby platform

Hello all,will_paginate don't work on jruby platform,
the Model.paginate find works ok, accepts all kinds of params,
this is config.gem
config.gem 'will_paginate', :version => '2.3.11', :source =>
but <%= will_paginate @collection %> doesn't work
it always produce nil(so nothing on page). weird.

are you sure you have installed the GEM ?

Thanks & Regards,
Dhruva Sagar.

Yes, the paginate find method in controller works.(Model.paginate blah
blah blah)
but <%= will_paginate @collection %> doesn't work on view.

Well then are you sure that the query (conditions etc) that your running on the paginate method should infact return results ?

Check the logs and see the query running in the background and see if that query does return some records in the @collection.

Thanks & Regards,
Dhruva Sagar.

Alternatively I would also recommend you to try and do the same on the script/console and see if the paginate method is returning what you intend to return.

Thanks & Regards,
Dhruva Sagar.

Hello Dhruva,
I have done a test,
when like say, @audits = Audit.paginate(:all, :page => params
[:page], :per_page=>params[:per_page] ...)
or(@audits = Audit.paginate(:page => params[:page], :per_page=>params
[:per_page] ...)) ignore the first parameter,
it all returns a will_pagination not correctly set @total_pages,
@total_entries etc.(set @total_entries to 3, set @total_pages to 1,
which is totally wrong where I have many audits)
I've manual set its @total_pages, then
<%= will_paginate @audits %> works, generate the pagination link,
so I guess the problem lies somewhere in Audit.paginate doesn't
set @total_pages, @total_entries.

audits' count is 202, which is obviously
so the .paginate set @total_entries to 3, set @total_pages to 1
is obviously wrong.weird..