Why PostgreSQL doesn´t appear on the project?

Why only MySQL ("fake DBMS") receive a massive support and tutorial.

As a *huge* proponent of PostgreSQL... I have to ask... WTF are you talking about? PostgreSQL works great with Rails.

This is a historical heritage. Most web developers has been use MySQL in the past specially with Php. Nowadays, the development is moving to other databases like SQLite and PostgreSql. The overall awareness will follow.

c_h wrote:

Why only MySQL ("fake DBMS") receive a massive support and tutorial.

Because it is also widely used by former php developpers.

I have just jumped in the PostgreSQL wagon, and I'll try to help guys out.

One gotcha I am facing is that some of my SQL queries with JOIN have to be rewritten a little, as PGS enforces some syntax which MySQL didn't bother with.


Why do you call MySQL a "fake DBMS"?


I spent a number of years working on SQL Server and when I started working with PGSQL, I found that many of the things I took for granted in SQL Server I had to do differently in PGSQL. I attribute that to Microsoft's fondness of circumventing standards and implementing their own extensions. In some cases, it makes things easier for developers, but is a serious pain when portability becomes an issue. If my understanding is correct, PostgreSQL tries to adhere pretty closely to standards. I have seen a few places in the documentation where it says that such and such was included for standards compliance, but an alternative is provided.

I'm not a PostgreSQL die-hard, though. I started using it because I began working for a guy who used it in a project. I didn't really want two database engines running if I didn't need to, so I started writing everything to PostgreSQL. I recently started working on another project which uses MySQL and I've been looking at some of the replication and clustering capabilities, and have decided that I'm going to need to do some head to head comparisons in my own uses cases to decide if I should consider moving my work to MySQL or not. Before I got to working in Rails, the stored procedure support in PostgreSQL was important to me, but I find that I don't use stored procedures much anymore, so what was once an attraction is not so much any more.