Why isn't data being saved to the database?

I'm following an example in the "Head First Rails" book.

Now, when I "create" a record, and then go to the table, I find that a
BLANK record is created also I enter field values.

What may I be missing?

This is how "advs_controller.rb" looks like:

class AdvsController < ApplicationController
  def show
  @adv = Adv.find(params[:id])

  def index
  @advs = Adv.find(:all)

  def new
  @adv = Adv.new(params[:ad])

  def create
  @adv = Adv.new(params[:ad])


I don’t know your view’s code, but looking at your controller’s code… maybe instead of params[:ad] you should use params[:adv] “maybe” I’m just guessing. you should send your view’s code

Thanks a lot Sergio. You are correct. It should have been:

@adv = Adv.save(params[:adv])