Why is my partial being skipped/cached?


I've got a controller action that calls render :template => "my_view/errors"

errors.rhtml simply renders a partial   <%= render(:partial => 'error_list_section') %>

_error_list_section.rhtml does a few things, and renders another partial:   <%= render(:partial => 'my_view/date_range_section') %>

PROBLEM: _date_range_section.rhtml only seems to be called once, the first time I hit the page. Subsequent calls to this page (with varying parameters) do run through _error_list_section.rhtml, but they don't seem to run through _date_range_section.

I'm using NetBeans IDE, running WEBrick in debug mode (in JRuby). I have breakpoints set at the call to render partial for the date section, and I also have breakpoints in the partial itself.

I hit the breakpoints the first time I view the page, but any further calls to the page (with different "?month=4" don't stop me inside the partial. It really appears that the render partial _date_range_section is just not being processed.

Any ideas?

Thanks much. Michael

Well, it seems my code was being executed (it had to have been, but the debugger sure didn't want to show me!)

After adding many more breakpoints, apparently I found a position in the partial where a breakpoint was valid. Now why the breakpoint in the parent that was calling the render :partial wouldn't allow me to step into, I don't know.

So, disregard this post. Sorry.