Problem with render in helper methods

I have a helper that renders a partial. The partial may or may not exist. If it does not exist then a different partial is rendered instead. Like this:

def render_my_partial my_partial     begin       render :partial => "folder1/#{my_partial}"     rescue       render :partial => "folder2/#{my_partial}"     end end

This in itself works fine. One of my layouts uses this helper to display one of two partials:

<%=render_my_partial 'display_area'%>

If one of these partials uses another helper that itself uses the above helper to render one of two other partials:

def info_panel   render_my_partial 'info_panel' end

This fails.

However, if I replicate the above code directly in the second helper function then it works.

def info_panel   begin     render :partial => "folder1/info_panel"   rescue     render :partial => "folder2/info_panel"   end end

I don't understand this. I could leave it with duplicated code but it isn't very DRY and I'd like to understand why this does not work as I expect. Can anyone help explain this to me?

Thanks in advance!

Ignore this. Blonde moment :slight_smile: