Why doesn't this helper work?

So I'm cleaning up my views at the moment, and thought it'd be nice to
create a couple of helpers, one that shows links if the user is logged
in, and one that shows another set of links if they're not logged in.

Anyways, this is the code:

  def logged_in_links
    if logged_in?
        link_to 'New Highlight', new_highlight_path
        link_to 'Logout?', logout_path
        link_to 'Profile »', @current_user.login

I'm sure I'm making a rudimentary mistake (take into account I am a
beginner), but whenever I execute the helper method only the last link
shows up, and if I remove the last link than it's the new last link that
displays etc.

What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Hello, only results of the last statement executed are returned. You have to do something like

def logged_in_links
html = ‘’
if logged_in?
html += link_to ‘New Highlight’, new_highlight_path
html += link_to ‘Logout?’, logout_path
html += link_to ‘Profile »’, @current_user.login

Ah, okay. Thanks for the hlep.

Gintautas Šimkus wrote: