Why does this form not save things to the database


I have this project : GitHub - RoelofWobben/ruby_blog

but on some way I cannot find out does the articles on a article do not get saved or shown. And I see after a save on comments that it get redirected to localhost:3000/article/1/comments instead of localhost:3000/article/1

The form to enter the comments begins here : ruby_blog/show.html.erb at main · RoelofWobben/ruby_blog · GitHub

can someone help me figure out why this happens and how I can save the comments?

see something wierd when I want to display the comments I see this :

{"authenticity_token"=>"[FILTERED]", "comment"=>{"commenter"=>"test", "body"=>"test"}, "button"=>"", "article_id"=>"5"}

why does the comment not have a created_at and a updated_at field ?

Looking at

form_with model: [@article, @comment] 

it will post to comment so generally it should redirect to /comments