why does rails keep prompting me for post?

Hi, was tryin to do a restful method to allow users to change

This is what i did:

1) use restful authentication plugin.

2) use the code here http://www.railslodge.com/plugins/75-restful-authentication/documentations/1-change-password

3) realise that
no1. i am using something funny like /v1/users/:permalink/
change_password and not just /change_password

no2. i cant use html.erb for some reasons hence i resorted to
using .rhtml

4) end up re writing the view code as such:
  <% form_for (:url =>
change_password_update_user_path(current_user.permalink), :html =>
{ :method => :put }) do |f| %>
    <td>Old Password
            <%= password_field_tag 'old_password',
@old_password, :size => 45, :class => 'text' %></td>
    <td>New Password
            <%= password_field_tag 'password', {}, :size => 45, :class
=> 'text' %>
            Between 4 and 40 characters</td>
    <td>Confirm new password
            <%= password_field_tag 'password_confirmation', {}, :size
=> 45, :class => 'text' %></td>


<%= submit_tag 'Change password' %>


wrote my routes.rb
base = '/v1'

  map.resources :users, :path_prefix => base, :member =>
{:change_password => :get, :change_password_update => :put} do |users|
    users.resources :orders, :path_prefix => '/v1/users/:permalink'


6) got this error when i tried to attempt to change my password and
press the submit button
no route found to match "/v1/users/testuser1/change_password" with

why is it that after submitting the form, i will trigger a POST to

please advise