Why ActiveResource will flop...

(I'll end my comments by pointing out that I think Rails is great. I
hope my constructive criticism is received in the spirit it's intended.)

A second note on this. This is a false declaration of content. Like if
I picked up a jar that said it contained sugar, but was full of
vinegar. The label does not make the content sweet, regardless of the
font size used.

If you wish to provide "constructive criticism" then I'd recommend
using a less flashy banner ("Why ActiveResource will flop...") and
replace hasty conclusions with invitations to debate. That way you
don't even need a disclaimer saying that your vinegar is really sugar.
The taste will make that self-evident.

That's the biggest thing I've got out of this thread. Nice one.

Ouch. I appreciate that the point is well meant David, but it comes
across a little harsh.

The programmer community is not known for its articulation, and most do
not have your skills in that area (and without question a lot of other
areas as well).

Isn't it encumbent upon those 'in the know' to re-read hasty
conclusions and inflammatory subject lines as invitations to debate -
particularly if there is any semblence of an 'attack' on Rails Core

Otherwise the mildly inarticulate acolyte will feel crushed by the
tutting and wagging of fingers of those they revere. And then they are
lost to the debate and our community is poorer for it.


DHH wrote:

Ouch. I appreciate that the point is well meant David, but it comes
across a little harsh.

It was not meant to come off as "a little harsh", it was meant to come
off as harsh. The good tone of this list, and other Rails community
outlets, is valuable and precious and worth standing up for. It doesn't
take much more than good men to do nothing for that to deteriorate the
way this original post started out. No technical discussion and no
potential diamond debater in the rough is worth that.