B. S. essential

scuptor of clouds wrote:

B. S. essential.

Good, because it appears that this posting contains a lot of it. :smiley:

I understand that you wanted to do an out-of-the-box job posting, but
this doesn't seem to give much info about what you're really looking

If that rang up as ´┐Żbubble sort´┐Ż or better still
Bjarne Stroustrup, then read on.

So...you're looking for a C++ algorithm guru? Why post here, then?

We are looking for a funny, intuitive, out-of-the box thinker and risk-
taker´┐ŻRuby expertise would be good too. Most importantly, you can
read our functional requirements, understand how these need to be
presented to the user, then throw out our 75-page SRS and let your
imagination take over.

So why do you have the 75-page SRS if you want it thrown out?

We are a small, NYC-based organization that needs you to design and
build our online exchange. We see the world very differently and hope
to portray that in everything we do´┐Ż. from an intuitive, user-friendly
site, its fantastic front-end design by a freelance designer (who
doesn´┐Żt work for the man)

Er...what difference does it make if your designer "work[s] for the
man"? I understand idealism, but this I don't get.

to its unique function that will reduce

That part sounds good.

Join us and let´┐Żs partner to make this happen. You will not work for
us remotely´┐Żbut may work with us from anywhere in the world.

So if you're in NYC and I'm working with you from elsewhere, how is that
*not* working remotely?

We love
small, independent developers and would prefer to work with them
directly. Agents, headhunters, ´┐Żproject managers´┐Ż, consultants, and
anyone planning on getting rich, off someone else´┐Żs work, more power
to you, but please excuse.

"Please excuse"? What does that mean?

We hope to have this prototype done by
Aug15, 2010, tested and ready for transactions by Oct 15. Our budget
for this is $3k and we are estimating a total 125 ´┐Ż 150 hours.

You want a rockstar Rails developer in NYC for $20/hour? You want this
all done in 3-4 weeks?!? Riiiiiiiight.

will move onto designing the full site immediately thereafter, so it´┐Żs
important that you care about what we are hoping to do and see us as
your partner.

P. S. redundant stuff that is probably worth mentioning, knowledge of
query design (via SQL/Rails), REST, SOAP and some basic stuff:
relational databases, Javascript, xhtml.

How is mentioning technical skis redundant?

We hope you are not so jaded to see this fun and thoughtful posting as
a scam.

I don't think it's a scam (or at least I didn't until you pointed out
that it could be). I *do* think that the job posting is unclear and
that you are expecting to get this done in an unrealistically short
amount of dev time on an unrealistically low budget. Good luck.