Which Sphinx Plugin?

I was wondering if someone could advise me on which sphinx plugin to
use. the ones i have found are below:

Sphincter: http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/Sphincter/
acts_as_sphinx: http://www.datanoise.com/articles/2007/3/23/acts_as_sphinx-plugin
thinking_sphinx: http://ts.freelancing-gods.com/usage.html
ultrasphinx: http://blog.evanweaver.com/files/doc/fauna/ultrasphinx/files/README.html

any others?

thinking sphinx

At Rejaw (http://rejaw.com), we are using Ultrasphinx, with great
success. It's a little more difficult to configure than Thinking
Sphinx, but it's also more flexible, and we needed that flexibility.

here is what i am apeficlaly trying to do:

I am creating a databse of some data i have gotten as a flat file. i
have about 2K entries each tagged with tags anywhere between 1 to 7.
There are probably a total of about 50 different type of tags. Write
now my data is flat and not in a relational db. i want to be able to
allow people to surface what products when they are looking at one
paritcular product are related to it based on all the things that one
product is tagged with. i am thinking of being lazy and just diong
text search of the tag field and then aprsing out all of the tags and
making queries to find all of the oher items with that tag. i could of
course make the db relational which make searh faster. given i only
have about 2k items, it seems like sphinx will be fast enough to have
to avoid playing with the data i have.

it does not seem like i need a sphinx plugin with all of the bells and
whistle to do teh above. it seems like thinking sphinx will do the
job. thoguhts?

anyone know if any of these sphinx plugins automatically updates ones
index without having to do it oneself.

looking into sphinx apparently you have tell sphinx to re-index with a
rake command.

That's how Sphinx itself works, you won't find any plugins that update
an index every time a model is updated ('cos it isn't really a good
idea). If you really need live updates, you should consider using Solr
and the acts_as_solr plugin.