which is the best plugin for search in rails?

now i am using ferret for search in my application but i am so much frustrated with ferret.

can you please suggest me some good plugins for search.

thanks Purab

I think Sphinx is a good one.


-- Josh

Purab Kharat wrote:

Sphinx is a really fast fulltext indexer, but it has a few gotchas:

• Supporting virtual attributes (activerecord methods) is very hard

• Sphinx index needs to be rebuilt (although it’s very fast) the index. You can solve the constant updating of records by using a delta index (that keeps track of recent changes until the next main index rebuild), but it’s a bit of a hack. Sphinx is fantastic if u have a relatively fixed dataset or one that needs only daily index updates for example. That’s where it really shines.

Although it has gotten a lot less attention than sphinx and solr on this list and the plugin is quite old (but still working), you could consider hyperestraier and the acts_as_searchable plugin. Hyperestraier is a C++ compiled fulltext indexer (so no Java involved like with solr) with either a pure ruby binding or a native compiled binding. It runs as a separate service on the server and takes far less memory than solr or ferret. All of our apps that use a fulltext indexer have their own node within the same hyperestraier process (so no excessive memory use due to several indexer instances). And most of all, it’s blazingly fast and ultra stable.