Which Mac to buy? iMac 20 + MacBook or MacBook Pro 17?

buy the 15.4 inch MacBook Pro. The 17 inch is just too big to carry

I have to concur on this one–

I just switched to a MacBook Pro 15.4" 2.33Ghz w/2Gb RAM plus an additional 24" flat panel. Lots of space when I’m working at my primary location, and if I have to travel I’m still using my main system. This setup cost me just under $3k – $2500 for the mac from Amazon, plus $400 for the display from Dell, less a $150 rebate from Amazon. Granted, buying Parallels (plus a Windows License if needed) adds costs, but I really think this is the best environment for programming I’ve ever used.



I downgraded from my MBP fully loaded to a MacBook black fully loaded. Not much “noticable” difference if you ask me, except for price. Yes, I know the benchmarks tell your differently, but I needed a poratable notebook, and I have never regretted the slight bit of performance loss.

Besides if I was going to drop $2500 on an Apple product it would be a Mac Pro. Wait that is what I did :slight_smile: I went with the less expensive notebook and the high-end desktop.