Mac buying advice -- which model?

I bought one of the new Macbook Pro 15 inch with a matte screen
(online order so I got the new LCD screen). I'm running Parallels and
its actually a much better Windows PC than either of my two newish
Dells. I run Textmate, Dreamweaver, MS Office (Mac OS and Windows)
and I also run Pro Tools Le (digital recording). Everything works
great, it's the best computer I've ever had (since 1985, my SE30 was
pretty cool).

Con: The lighting sensor and auto brightness adjust is not optimal.
In very low lighting, the computer adjusts the screen to a dimness
that makes me strain my eyes. It's easy to turn it up, of course, but
annoying. I've heard other's complain about the screen appearing
brown from the side and it's true but who cares? It's a laptop.

The Mac Book is $1000 less. If it weren't for my music needs I would
have gone with that.