Which licence for Open Source

Hi all I posted a question about Open sourcing PlantVillage and received many favorable replies- thanks!

Now my question is what is the preferred license in the Ruby community? I know my choice depends on what restrictions I wish to place. I like the spirit of GBU GPLv3

As a University professor, all my IP belongs to the University so I have to get them to agree on this

Any thoughts?



Hi David!

My impression is MIT is the most widely used license (e.g. Rails, Rack, RSpec) followed by BSD (e.g. puma) and GPL (e.g. unicorn). Also, please note Ruby itself is dual-licensed under 2-clause BSD or the Ruby license (https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/about/license.txt).

I think the right license depends on what’s your goal. If you’d like your software to be used in the wild then permissive licenses like MIR, BSD, Apache, etc. are preferable.

Best regards

Greg Navis