Which architecture to choose for a common website

I've just started using ruby on rails, and I'd like for a first try create a simple website.

But I can't figure out how to organise it from the RoR point of view.

Here is my problem:

I'd like to set up a website with a two level menu, so there will be different groups of menu elements.

Do I have to create one controller for each group? Each page would be then represented by one method.

You don't have to, but it might be easier...

In that case then, how can I do to have one common layout for all the controllers?

app/controllers/application.rb: class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base    layout 'default' end

app/controllers/about_controller.rb class AboutController < ApplicationController    def index    end

   def contact    end

   .... end

app/controllers/product_controller.rb class ProductController < ApplicationController    def index    end

   def product    end

   .... end

app/views/layouts/default.rhtml: <html>    my default view...    <%= yield "layout" %>    ... </html>