Where to put videos? Heroku?

I am attempting to port a Rails 2.3.8 application to 3.1.2

In my 2.3.8 app I am able to play videos ... no problem.

In 3.1.2, I am not.

I have read File: README — Documentation for jw_player_helper (0.0.1) and the documentation there says, ":file => "relative path to file (for example: /video/pf2011.flv)".

But relative to what? in 2.3.8 it was relative to public. I have tried placing it relative public and app/asset. Neither seems to work.

The generated html is <script type="text/javascript">    var flashvars_jw_player =       {"bufferlength":1,"autostart":false,       "file":"/videolib/UltraDedup-Decision-Information-058.flv"};    var params_jw_player =       {"allowfullscreen":true,"allowscriptaccess":"always"};    var attributes_jw_player = {"id":"jw_player","name":"jw_player"};    swfobject.embedSWF('/swf/player.swf',                       'jw_player','100%','300','9','false',                       flashvars_jw_player, params_jw_player,                       ttributes_jw_player) </script>

Is there a sample Rails 3.1 app that uses jw_player_helper? - - -

Part of what I am trying to do is get the app ready to be hosted by Heroku. I have about a gigabyte of videos and I remember reading that that much stuff should be "provisioned", whatever that means. How will I change the name supplied to video_player (the method name in jw_player_helper)?

Yeah, I don't think you can even deploy that large an app (with those videos embedded) to heroku.

Move them to an external service like Amazon S3. It may take a little work up front, but in return

1) You'll be able to use heroku 2) On any platform, deployment will be *much* faster 3) You'll probably find performance improves (my experience w/        moving some large product images to S3)



Monday, December 26, 2011, 10:11:39 AM, you wrote:

Yeah ... but how do I get the video player to point to it?

Dunno; presumably the video player also supports passing a URL as the video source. If not, that would be bad. But unlikely, I'd think :slight_smile:

And, what, for instance, would I be pointing to?

Once you've uploaded your video files, you'll have a conventional URL for each one, e.g.


Any overview of S3 provisioning that you might recommend?

Just start here: Cloud Object Storage - Amazon S3 - AWS

And for easy management of your media files from the command line:

It sounds more complicated than it is. Trust me :slight_smile: